The last few years I've spent a lot of time at the poker table.

In fact, at this very moment I am seated at table 5 seat 1 in the tournament room of the bicycle casino in Bell Gardens, California. 

I am often asked...."Doesn't it get boring" or "How can you sit there for so long?"

Yes, poker tournaments can keep you around for long stretches of time....often lasting 12 or thirteen hours. ....but no, poker never gets boring.

The truth is I'm never bored in real life either.

and poker is just like a bubble. 

You feel the same highs and lows, and how you deal with the ride on the "felt" is usually pretty indicative of how you deal with life outside the bubble.  

Its a place for me to practice my zen. 

When I'm playing I think about nothing else. Where else can you do that?  

Poker is passion, drive and commitment.

Poker is facing your fear, and learning fortitude. 

Poker is never letting the unexpected pull you down. 

Poker is constant goal setting. 

Poker is heart break. 

Now, doesn't that sound exciting?!